Créer le premier festival des musiques électroniques dans un univers virtuel | 3 SOIRS | 22:00 > 01:00 | 3 DJ PAR SOIRS | 1 SCENE

Venir en aide à tous les festivals electro annulés en raison de la crise sanitaire que nous traversons |

Toutes les recettes sans exception seront reversées aux festivals electro pour les aider sur leurs éditions 2021 |

Nous appelons les artistes et DJ à entrer en contact avec nous pour les spécificités techniques que le principe requiert |

La scène en 3D sera mise à disposition pour que les équipes techniques des artistes puissent encoder le show et nous l'envoyer |

Allons au bout |

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Create the first electronic music festival in a virtual universe | 3 EVENINGS | 10 PM > 1 AM | 3 DJS PER EVENING | 1 STAGE

Help all electro festivals canceled due to the health crisis we are going through |

All proceeds without exception will be donated to electro festivals to help them with their 2021 editions |

We call on artists and DJs to contact us for the technical specifications that the principle requires |

The 3D scene will be made available so that the technical teams of the artists can encode the show and send it to us |

Let's go to the end |

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What is it : EHF is a virtual festival created in a 3D environement.

We use 3D visualisers and add real live dj sets on our stage.

What is our goal : we want to help festivals or clubs by collecting money during our Streaming.


What we need :

> YOU DJ : We need a 1 Hour dj set from you filmed preferred on a black background which we will incorporate into our virtual stage

Why would you do it : Because YOU choose the festival club or cause YOU want to play music for and ALL the donations will go straight to cause you decided to support

Let's show the world what technicians and artists can do together as without one of us, shows will never happen !!!

Let's be solidary, let's move the world to make the greatest party that ever happened in real life come true.

Thank you

We love you / /